What Your Functional Assessment Says About You

For older adults, functional assessments are vital in order evaluate their physical, emotional, and mental capability, particularly on how they are managing their tasks and activities that are generally part of everyday life. Included in these tasks are self-care (dressing and getting around your house, among other things) and other tasks that require mental skills like managing finances. For medical professionals, functional assessments can help determine a number of things, such as:

-Identify and determine the stages of cognitive issues, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, delirium, and other mental health problems that can lead to life-threatening complications.

-Determine the impact of declining physical diseases like heart failure, diabetes, and many others.

-Check the level of supervision and assistance the elder needs to be able to live at home, and the level of in-home care they might require on an everyday basis.

-Determine which medical issues need first or immediate focus and attention.

The uses of functional assessment goes well beyond the evaluation of al elder’s needs; it can also help in health checks before being discharged from the hospital or decide whether an assisted living is necessary or not. Cognitive problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are usually the reason for getting into assisted living or nursing homes. It helps because the elders would then have the help of staff members with their medication, personal care, and other needs that they can’t do on their own but still have the privacy and independence that they need.

Depending on the needed assistance and medical help, the cost of a health care facility, private nurse, or assisted living can vary. Factors such as level of care, room, and location are among that could influence the cost. Elders should not be wary of getting a functional assessment, because it is only aimed to help them make sure that they are in good heath and are well taken care of depending on their needs.

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