Get the Best and Cheapest SR-22 Offer Online

There are times when a court will have to require a driver to carry a special type of insurance in order for that driver to continue enjoying his or her driving privileges. This special type of insurance is called SR-22, a form which insurance companies send to a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to indicate that the person whose license has been suspended already has the required insurance coverage.

A driver can be required to carry an SR-22 filing if he or she has been:

  • Caught driving without auto liability insurance;
  • Cited for multiple traffic violations within a specified time period (like three moving violations in just one year);
  •  Involved in an accident without auto insurance;
  • Driving a car under the influence (DUI);
  • Cited for recklessly driving a motor vehicle; or
  • Issued a license suspension or revocation.

Only by filing SR-22 can a driver’s driving privileges be immediately restored as this will also immediately lift the suspension made on his or her license. However, an SR-22 form may not be so easy to obtain because one will first be required to purchase an auto liability insurance policy. But here’s the tricky part: being required to carry an SR-22 filing will make insurance companies tag you as a “high-risk” driver. Being “high-risk,” an insurance provider has two options: deny your purchase or sell you a policy that is more expensive than the regular. Why more expensive, you may ask? Well, because you’re a “high-risk” driver, which means you are likely to get involved in an accident and if or when you do, instead of earning profits, your insurance provider will have to spend since it will have to pay your victim. Carrying SR-22 also usually lasts for three years, however, a judge may extend it to five years if he or she sees it fit. This means more expensive premium payments for 36 months or 3 years – a real strain on your budget even if there is no extension made.

While insurance firms find means to make policies more expensive, however, independent car insurance companies help car owners and drivers find the best insurance deal, including SR-22, with the lowest price. According to LaMarca Law Group P.C., some insurance companies offer customers as many as a dozen free insurance quotes online which will allow customers compare insurance prices. Besides these free insurance quotes, it also offers free SR-22 quotes, as well as online filing of all your insurance related needs.

Within minutes, you can be insured or get an SR-22; no hassle, no paperwork and everything is guaranteed fast and easy and even right in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is dial a number.

Insurance Bad Faith in Light of Texas Flooding

With the recent major flooding in Texas, many individuals have seen extreme damage to their property. This includes flooding to their homes, property damaged beyond repair, cars being flooded out, and other damages. These floods have had a devastating affect on residents of Texas and often cause the need for repairs beyond the means of individuals. As a result, many individuals are contacting their insurance companies to receive compensation to help them recover from this unexpected natural disaster.

Many are surprised when their insurance company does not follow through immediately on the promises made when they first signed up with the company. According to the website of Smith Kendall, PLLC, insurance companies can act in bad faith toward their policy holders to help their bottom lines. They can delay coverage for the holders by requiring excessive paperwork, not acknowledging they have received the claim, or by underestimating the dollar amount the holder needs for their property damage. These can not only delay the coverage the clients need in a time of crisis, but may prevent them from receiving coverage at all. This does not only violate the trust the holders placed in the insurance company they paid for years, but is often against the law.

In these times, we see insurance companies taking advantage of their policyholders in the time that they need them most. In order to ensure you are receiving proper compensation for their losses, it is often necessary for individuals to hire bad faith insurance lawyers. The expertise of these lawyers may be required to guide clients in the right direction in filing a bad faith insurance claim and receive as much as they can.

Property damages are many times out of the hands of the owners whether they are caused by a burst pipe, a fire, or a natural disaster like the recent flooding in Texas. Without the guidance of a bad faith lawyer, many are left without proper compensation in their greatest time of need which can result in financial ruins.