Protections against Wrongful Termination

When you hear about someone being fired, you typically imagine the employee has done something wrong according to job performance or that the company they worked for was forced to lay off workers due to a financial need. But what if the employee was wrongfully terminated because of something that they could not control or was not related to how they performed at their job at all?

Sometimes companies fire people based on a reason prohibited by law. According to the website of Cary Kane LLP, these reasons can include age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and many others. People can also be fired based on retaliation. This includes if an employee raises concerns to an employer about a work related issues such as safety and other violations. Termination based on these factors can not only affect the employee financially but can cause emotional distress as well.

Many of those who are wrongfully terminated do not know that they can receive compensation if this happens to them. States have laws that protect employees against discrimination in the workplace and thus termination based on this.  Each state has different laws and standards so an employment lawyer is necessary to receive the correct compensation for your personal situation.

Wrongful termination can have lasting and horrible effects on the employee but many times is protected under employment laws.