Florida has got it All

If you are planning to travel abroad with your family to spend your holiday, then Florida is an apt destination. It is considered as the hot spot for tourists and is famous among water-lovers and party-lovers too. When it comes to lodging, you can choose from a wide range of options, starting from the inns of reasonable rates to deluxe penthouses. Those who are interested in seafood can gorge on a variety of seafood delicacies. There are end numbers of shopping malls and retail stores that incorporate almost all types of items.

Florida has got a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in the museums and art galleries situated over there. If you are a dance or a music lover, you can try the Ballet as well as opera performances. They just spell-bound you. Hardcore party lovers have the chance to hit the dance floor in the local night clubs. The Florida travelling overview is incomplete without mentioning the aspect of sports. It is the appropriate destination for adventurous individuals. The sunny climate of Florida always welcomes persons for water sports like water-skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving and kayaking. Apart from this, Florida has got around 1,000 golf courses and fishing facilities. A plethora of amusement parks and theme parks with roller coasters and other rides are also available for children. It has also got a romantic side that is enjoyed by a large number of couples.

There are a plenty of sanctuaries, reserves and parks comprising of every type of an animal and bird. Science based parks like Kennedy space center also exist. The Florida travelling overview also incorporates the vibrant and lively city of Miami where people can go for boating, enjoy cocktails and indulge in a variety of snacks. There are many bars and discos for people who want to dance all the way long. Orlando and Florida Key West are renowned for the world class theme parks and amusement parks. The temperature and weather conditions of Florida are quite favorable for tourists to visit and enjoy to their heart’s content.

Places to Visit in Ornaldo

Ornaldo is a city situated in the state of Florida and is known for the amount of entertainment and fun offered to the tourists. This place is a must visit for people especially during summer because of the presence of a variety of attractions for children and adults. A list of tourist spots is mentioned that are full of thrills and surprises.

Magic kingdom Park

Magic kingdom ParkThis park is spread over a vast area and takes around two days to complete making it one of the primary Ornaldo attractions. It is all time favorite for first timers as well as for those who visit the place very frequently. The park has been constructed keeping in mind children’s interests like roller coasters and other kinds of rides. One or the other aspect is added to the park every day. Since the park is based on Walt Disney theme cartoon creatures like Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie mouse and Donald Duck roam all around the park.



Florida Eco-safaris

Florida SafariPeople who are interested in watching birds and animals must try the safari. This eco-safari is considered as one of the wonderful Ornaldo attractions as tourists have to glide past the sanctuary. Below they can gaze at the wildlife that consists of colorful birds, crocodiles and all sorts of animals. If looked closely, one can also observe rattle snakes crawling on the green grass. Tourists can also opt for horses for Safari.



Sea World

seaworldThis place is all about exciting water performances by whales, dolphins and penguins. One can also get an opportunity to watch a 3-D video in which the individual will feel that he/ she is swimming under water and is surrounded by marine creatures. Special rides like roller coasters are also available for children.




Wet n Wild Orlando

wetThis one of the renowned water based Orlando attractions that comprises of thrilling water rides and unlimited fun. The place is generally visited by families having children. In order to fully enjoy this place, women have to get into a swimsuit. A small portion of the area is fully dedicated for seating and relaxing. The rides have been categorized on the basis of single person and multi person.

Have Fun in Orlando theme park

When you are planning for a holiday trip to Florida, you must include the theme parks of Orlando in your itinerary. Before you plan for a trip to the Orlando theme park, some questions may arise in your mind regarding visiting hours, accommodation and location. A bit of research can help you to get the answer. This place is full of innumerable world’s finest theme parks and is the most favorite tourist spot in the world. More than 50 million people visit Orlando every year.

Some of the famous theme parks in Orlando are given below:

Universal Studios

Universal StudiosThe Universal Studios is the famous American theme park located in the heart of Orlando. It was opened in the year 1990 and the theme is basically based on the entertainment industry. It holds an 8th position among the most visited theme parks in the US. This park provides ample opportunity to go behind the camera to explore the world’s screen. Shrek, Spiderman, Harry potter, Men in Black and Simpsons are some of the special attractions in this Orlando theme park. This place remains open for 365 days a year. Opening time is 9am and there is no fixed closing time. You can purchase online tickets and the process may vary according to the season.


Walt Disney World

Walt DisneyThe Walt Disney World is best known as the Disney World. It is totally an entertainment place that was opened in the year 1971in Florida. It is the wonderland for the children where they can meet the characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, etc. One can experience joy rides like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Buzz Lightyear space Blast and Space Mountain in the Orlando theme park. The theme park tickets differ during holiday seasons and peak time. June to December is the best time to visit this park.




This theme park is located in the South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. This place has a great number of alligators and crocodiles and is best known as the alligator capital of the world. The Leucistic alligators are the unique collection of this region. The price of the ticket for adults (13+) is $20.95 and for children (3-12) is $13.95.

Great Holiday Time in Florida

Florida is located in the southeastern region of the US, and is famous for its attractive tourist spot. The climate of this place is basically tropical humid and mild round the year. This place is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico in the west and has a great variety of beaches. The beach destination of Florida creates a myriad of natural beauties. It is needless to say that some of the popular destinations in Florida have contributed largely to draw the attraction of the visitors.

The best travel destinations in Florida are:

Tampa Bay area: This area is located near the Tampa Bay region and is full of colorful and delightful regions. The Clearwater beach is the most famous destination during the months of March and April. It is known as ‘Spring Break Destination’ as most of the high school and college goers visit this place to spend their holidays during spring time. Tampa is located on the Gulf coast and offers a good number of water-sports. A large number of beachfront hotels have made it a favorite tourist spot.

Florida Beaches: Beach areas are the greatest attraction in Florida. Every beach in Florida has got its unique beauty and a set of attractive atmosphere. The Daytona beach, Miami Beach, Florida Keys, Panama City Beach, Panhandle Beaches are some of the famous beach areas of Florida. The eastern coast of the state is full of great variety of beaches and every beach is a popular destination in Florida.

Orlando: Orlando if full of large number of cultural sites. The fountain at Lake Eola is the famous symbol of Orlando and is nicknamed as “The City Beautiful”. It provides ample options for shopping to the visitors too. The Walt Disney and the Universal Studios are the centre of attraction of this place.

The popular destinations in Florida have created a cornucopia of great natural resources which have made this place a great tourist spot. When you visit this destination, you will definitely have a lifetime experience to cherish for. Other than the beaches, the theme parks also enhance the attraction of the place to a large extent.